Nikon, nursed back to health by loving family

November 13th, 2009

avatarHi Sherpa, I am Nikon the Wonder Dog. I was named Nikon because I am as pretty as a picture. We are cousins and I live in Santa Fe, NM. I have been living here for one year now and I am going to be 3 years old. I came here from Texas. A very mean unscrupulous breeder inbred all of the dogs at the kennel and I was one of them. I had many things wrong with me. The Good Doggie God helped make up for my sad beginnings by giving me a very dedicated and loving Mom, Roberta, and Dad, David. They have been nursing me back to health with the help of some of our kind family members and I feel pretty good now.

It looks like we are going to have an early winter here and I cannot wait to run and roll in the snow and make nose tunnels. Then I love to track into the house all the mud and water and watch Mom and Dad get excited with towels and mops. What a great game! I’d love to hear about your winter in NYC.

Slurps and Sniffs, Cousin Nikon

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Izzy, rescued from a shelter by the Lange Foundation

November 9th, 2009


Hello. My name is Izzy, and I’m a little distracted. I just went into the downstairs office, and I found a pillow with a dog that looks like me, but isn’t as pretty.

It’s a strange dog.  It’s as flat as a pillow. I like to lie on pillows, but I make them flat.  I’ve never seen a pillow make a dog flat. This doesn’t feel right to me.

I wonder what would happen if I lie on the pillow.  Will I also get flat? I’m scaring myself.

I live a very nice life.  I have a roommate named Sarge.  He came from a Marine base.  I came from the Lange Foundation.  They rescued me from a shelter in South Los Angeles, and I ended up in the Hollywood Hills.  Frankly, I could have lived without the little brother, but I guess he’s ok.  At least he’s not flat, although he is strangely shaped.

I have been fortunate enough to meet Myrna and Freddie Gershon, and I have shed on both of them. The dog on the pillow doesn’t shed. I think I have a lot of Goggling and Wikipedia-ing to do to solve this mystery.

In the meantime, thanks, Sherpa, for inviting me to the site.  You’re so cool, man.

Sarge was rescued from shelter after his owner was deployed overseas

November 9th, 2009

avatarI’ve enjoyed reading about all of Sherpa’s friends, but I must add a serious note.

My name is Sarge, and I’m a military man.

I was adopted by Linda and Izzy from the Marine Base at 29 Palms in Southern California. I was one of many dogs who had to be given up when the soldiers who owned us were called to go to Iraq and Afghanistan.

I do think I was the only German Shepherd/Basset Hound. (Can anyone top that?)

Anyway, I just want to remind everyone that there are more like me at military bases around the country. The military used to try to find foster homes for dogs like me; but it became too difficult because the soldiers ended up in so many places. So, now, we are put in local shelters along with other homeless dogs and hope someone will adopt us.

I’ve been lucky. There are about 28 palms (I’m sure I’ll find a 29th if I try) on the street where I live, and I get to share most things with Izzy, who is some kind of big black and white shepherd, terrier, border collie beautiful girl.

Glad to be part of Sherpa’s site. Happy Veteran’s Day.

18 years young — and still has a nose for “news”

November 7th, 2009

avatarHi Sherpa,
As I am in retirement, soon to turn 18 years young, I have a lot of time on my paws to blog.  I still enjoy strolls around the neighborhood with my person, Virginia. My nose remains my best feature and I enjoy catching up on all the local news others of our species leave along the sidewalk, trees, etc. – so interesting. I still travel and am recently back from Vermont where all the humans were fascinated with looking at the leaves on the trees but didn’t sniff one once. Humans!
Well, that’s all for now, Sherpa. Time for another nap and dreams of the skunk I saw on our trip.

I biked 40 “mountain” miles and never tired!

October 27th, 2009

avatarHi, Sherpaboy (and Gang of Sherpaboy)

Jack here. Just reporting on my extraordinary feat: Bicycling 40 miles through the mountains of Southern California without even breaking a sweat. (Although my pure white, manly mane got kinda windblown.)

I live out here with Sharon. That’s her boyfriend, Ron, riding his bicycle so closely in front of mine that you can’t see mine. That’s how I was able to bike the 40 miles so easily — it’s called “drafting.”


“Backpack” Jack

Ozzie is a Bouvier Des Flandres. That’s French for a “Blogger of Flanders”… NOT!

October 25th, 2009

avatarHello Sherpa – Ozzie, your friendly Bouvier Des Flandres here, with my “little” cousin, Hudson, who is much bigger now.

I actually don’t eat all that much, though I look like it.  I probably eat about 3 cups a day…oh wait, then there is 1/2 of my Mom’s sandwich at lunch, a few pieces of Kraft singles (MY FAVORITE SNACK IS CHEESE), and usually I am lucky enough to grab some leftovers from dinner.  My parents ask me if I am pink underneath (insinuating a pig, how rude, right?)

My Mom and Dad have been talking about trying to get a prototype of me made and try to get it in stores such as FAO Schwarz and the like as your Dad suggested in a previous e-mail, but I am not too sure when that might happen. Maybe after my stuffed animal debut, producers will want me for a movie!  Wouldn’t that be exciting!?

I think sherpspace is awesome! This will be a great way for me to communicate with my cousin, Hudson, who lives with my Mom’s sister in Pittsburgh, PA. He’s a Bouvier Des Flandres, too.



Hello world, Sherpaboy here! Let’s blog!

October 23rd, 2009

This is an updated intro with an updated photo of ME (oh, … and of Mommy and Daddy, too.)

The blog has grown since I took my first tentative “puppy” steps back in April of 2009.

Questions? See: About Sherpa’s Blog or FAQs under Pages at the right or contact me at

Enjoy! Licks & Kisses,

Mister Mary… making like Humphrey “Bowgart”

October 23rd, 2009

avatarDear Sherpa,
I’m so glad Chloe F. introduced us!  Life here in Studio City is great, since Mark and Glenn rescued me from the pound in January.
Even though I’m a rugged male, they’ve named me Mary. They seem to enjoy saying “WHATEVER, MARY” and “MARY, PLEASE STOP LICKING YOUR…..” If it gives them pleasure, I’m happy.

Sherpa, entre nous, do you know of a hypnotist in Southern California? I’ve gotten in with a party crowd here in Los Angeles and I’d like to kick my smoking habit. I’ve gotten in with some of the wrong crowd here in Hollywood.  But I do enjoy a nice butt after a hearty bowl of kibble. It will be so hard to give up my first morning butt with my coffee. That’s the best one!  Any guidance Sherpa….? I know you’re well connected on the Left Coast.

Much love and hugs

Mister Mary F. & R.

Louie was rescued by the ASPCA

October 22nd, 2009

avatarHi, Sherpa! My name is Louie. My mom, Cynthia, got me from the New York ASPCA, which rescued me from a shelter in Tennessee, where my kennel cough had put me a short list to that big kennel in the sky! The ASPCA cured me and, with my inherent cuteness restored, my new mom, Cynthia, found me irresistible. (Look at my pictures! Can you blame her?)

I’m about a year old and may share some Sherp ancestry. That’s right, I may be part Tibetan Terrier! (Can you see the resemblance?)

Herewith: pics of me and my two new “siblings:” Blue & Bird. We all get along great! (To see each image bigger, click on it; to return here, just hit your browser back button!)

Bernie (woof!) and his “sister” Mosely (meow!)

October 21st, 2009

avatarHi, Sherpaboy,
I really appreciate the invite to join you and the gang.

I am a six year old “rescue.” The little calico cutie pictured with me here is my “sister,” Mosely. My daddy, Scott, was supposed to help me type more bio info about myself but all he could come up with was that I have a “great, great personality.” I’ll work on him overnight. (BTW, wouldn’t I have a great “dogonality.”)