Hello world, Sherpaboy here! Let’s blog!

This is an updated intro with an updated photo of ME (oh, … and of Mommy and Daddy, too.)

The blog has grown since I took my first tentative “puppy” steps back in April of 2009.

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Enjoy! Licks & Kisses,

4 Responses to “Hello world, Sherpaboy here! Let’s blog!”

  1. avatar Mary says:

    Have you heard the news!? I’m practically on the boards! I’m featured
    in Playbill and if it weren’t for Chloe F and his Daddy Steve all this wouldn’t have happened.
    Chole F’s Dad is setting up meetings with some bigwigs in NY for
    theatrical projects for me.

    Andrew Lloyd Weber and the Tennessee Wms estate are taking meetings with us……they’re thinking of tweaking the scripts and titles to Cats and Cat on a Hot tin Roof, to……
    Dogs and Dog on a Hot Tin Roof. For the latter, we’re giving Debbie Allen the heave ho. We want a fresh approach. Nuf Sed.

    Love to you darling!


  2. avatar Pronto says:

    Tanti Auguri a Lei!  from your cugino Italiano,  Pronto.
    OMG!  Numero Sei ! ! ! ! ! !   Of course I know how to count in Italian. 

    What did you eat for your birthday dinner?  My preference is whole wheat pasta w/meatballs, followed by blue cheese or ricotta & apple or pear or cantaloupe.  Mom says I’m too young for wine, although I always give her that “longing look” — you know The Look — when she has red wine.
    Happy that tanti amici  are rescued dogs with loving, doting persons kvelling over them.  My mom fell in love w/me at Bide-a-Wee, taking me home straightaway.  Will have her take new photos of my photogenic self for posting.
    [sent by my mom, Roberta]

  3. avatar Ozzie says:

    Hi Sherpa! I am so sorry it took me so long to e-mail you today. It seems a human made an error and had my log in incorrect…those humans! In any event, Hudson and I hope that you have an awesome birthday!!! We hope you enjoyed the day and were extremely spoiled all day long. My favorite part about birthdays is that I sing along to the “Happy Birthday” tune and I am then rewarded with a piece of cake! I hate it when it’s an all chocolate cake because that means my piece will be tiny, and you saw me, I’m a BIG boy! I hope to meet you soon, until then see you on the www!
    Love Ozzie and Hudson

  4. avatar BaileyB says:

    Happy Birthday, Sherpa!!! Hope you have a great day!!!

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