Chloe F. makes it in New York—by a nose!

avatarHi Sherpa,

As I face the ongoing challenge of being a small dog in a big world, I continue to find each day a lovely surprise.

Though I started my New York life at the foot of Steve’s bed, I have gradually inched myself up over the last several months so that last night Steve and I actually slept nose to nose. Mine was wet – his wasn’t.

Much love to you.

Chloe F.

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  1. avatar Mary says:

    Have you heard the news!? I’m practically on the boards! I’m featured
    in Playbill and if it weren’t for you all this wouldn’t have happened.
    Your Dad is setting up meetings with some bigwigs in NY for
    theatrical projects for me.

    Andrew Lloyd Weber and the Tennessee Wms estate are taking meetings with us……they’re thinking of tweaking the scripts and titles to Cats and Cat on a Hot tin Roof, to……
    Dogs and Dog on a Hot Tin Roof. For the latter, we’re giving Debbie Allen the heave ho. We want a fresh approach. Nuf Sed.

    Love to you and Steve!


  2. avatar Mary says:

    Chloe, you and I must get together if I make it out to NY or if you kids make the trek out here. You’re always welcome in the guest house!

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