I’m Izzy and I’m lonely!

April 26th, 2010


Please send Linda home.

And I’m Sargent and I’m lonely, too!

April 26th, 2010

avatarWhy does Sherpa get to see Linda and we don’t?

Patriots Day (19Ap10)

April 19th, 2010


Patriots’ Day, April 19th, is a civic holiday in some states commemorating the first battles of the American Revolutionary War. Re-enactments occur annually. In Massachusetts, a mounted reenactor, with a state police escort, retraces Paul Revere’s ride, calling out warnings the whole way.

My uncle, Bruce Cayard, has captured me and Mommy & Daddy preparing for the big day.

Sherpa’s Christmas Card

January 4th, 2010

Who is your photographer, Sherpa? Maybe more to the point, my friend, is who is your retoucher? Your Photoshop expert?

Sherpa, as one mandog to another, no one is that cute naturally. Please share your secrets with your blogmates and pals. You’re making the rest of us look bad.

Sarge in L.A.

Little Puppy, Big World

December 6th, 2009


Dear Sherp,

My name is Leela, and I’m Chloe F.’s cousin. I live in West Hollywood, where my hobbies include pooping under the new Christmas tree and being suspicious of the neighborhood dogs.

When my person (Jessica) first adopted me, I had it pretty good. She was a student at UCLA, and between her and her three roommates, I was showered with love and attention 24/7! But now that we’ve graduated (Jessica with a degree in Art History; mine in Napping with a minor in Dachshund-American studies), I find myself spending far too much time alone.

So like any upstanding American parent, Jessica has me on a rigorous TV schedule. We’ve seen almost every episode of the Dog Whisperer, and have moved on to the glory that is PLC (Puppy Learning Channel). Right now my favorites are 18 Keeshounds and Counting, Say Yes to the Sad Begging Face, and I Didn’t Know I was Purebred.

But I hate Jon & Kate + 8. That Jon is just a piece of Shih Tzu, don’t you think?

Love love love,

No, no! NOT “flock the seagulls!” “… flock OF seagulls!”

December 3rd, 2009


Oh Sherpa, I got a trip to the beach in Florida for Thanksgiving!

I made certain to wear plenty of SPF, but I’m afraid I got a bit of a burn anyway. You can’t believe how divine my figure looks after running on the beach every day!

And Sherpa – you haven’t LIVED until you’ve chased a flock of seagulls.

Languidly yours,


Izzy braces for another L.A. “winter.”

November 30th, 2009


Help. I’m being attacked by all the fall leaves. Next up will be our long 19 days of winter. Brrrrr..

Sarge: Uh, what Izzy just said!

November 30th, 2009


It’s a chilly fall here in L.A. The sun is only in my eyes for six hours a day.

November 17th, 2009


Dearest Sherpa,

Why don’t you come up and see me sometime, big boy.

We can have a bow wow bash! I love you (don’t tell Moses)!


Happy Woofday!

November 15th, 2009

And many more to come! Will be at work tomorrow and wanted to make sure I got my post in. This is getting to be a fancy-schmancy site, Sherpa. My ‘rents are hoping that I can learn also learn html lingo at the groomer’s. Love, Finn the dog.