Ozzie is a Bouvier Des Flandres. That’s French for a “Blogger of Flanders”… NOT!

avatarHello Sherpa – Ozzie, your friendly Bouvier Des Flandres here, with my “little” cousin, Hudson, who is much bigger now.

I actually don’t eat all that much, though I look like it.  I probably eat about 3 cups a day…oh wait, then there is 1/2 of my Mom’s sandwich at lunch, a few pieces of Kraft singles (MY FAVORITE SNACK IS CHEESE), and usually I am lucky enough to grab some leftovers from dinner.  My parents ask me if I am pink underneath (insinuating a pig, how rude, right?)

My Mom and Dad have been talking about trying to get a prototype of me made and try to get it in stores such as FAO Schwarz and the like as your Dad suggested in a previous e-mail, but I am not too sure when that might happen. Maybe after my stuffed animal debut, producers will want me for a movie!  Wouldn’t that be exciting!?

I think sherpspace is awesome! This will be a great way for me to communicate with my cousin, Hudson, who lives with my Mom’s sister in Pittsburgh, PA. He’s a Bouvier Des Flandres, too.



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