Mister Mary… making like Humphrey “Bowgart”

avatarDear Sherpa,
I’m so glad Chloe F. introduced us!  Life here in Studio City is great, since Mark and Glenn rescued me from the pound in January.
Even though I’m a rugged male, they’ve named me Mary. They seem to enjoy saying “WHATEVER, MARY” and “MARY, PLEASE STOP LICKING YOUR…..” If it gives them pleasure, I’m happy.

Sherpa, entre nous, do you know of a hypnotist in Southern California? I’ve gotten in with a party crowd here in Los Angeles and I’d like to kick my smoking habit. I’ve gotten in with some of the wrong crowd here in Hollywood.  But I do enjoy a nice butt after a hearty bowl of kibble. It will be so hard to give up my first morning butt with my coffee. That’s the best one!  Any guidance Sherpa….? I know you’re well connected on the Left Coast.

Much love and hugs

Mister Mary F. & R.

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  1. avatar Tucker says:

    I know just how you feel “MISTER” Mary. My name is Tucker and I’m a GIRL! At least my mommy tries to make amends by calling me “Tuck-Tuck.” At least insist on “Mister Mary!” After all, where would your Daddys be without you? Nowhere, that’s where!

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