About Sherpa’s blog

Sherpaboy Gershon is a five year old Tibetan Terrier who lives with his mommy and daddy, Myrna and Freddie Gershon, in New York City.

This blog grew out of Sherpa’s desire to stay in touch with his many four-pawed pals who were in a holiday comic book the Gershon’s sent out in 2008. (If your pet was in that comic book, you will be contacted by email.”)

But now, Sherpa has also invited everyone who attended the Broadway Barks fund raiser in November of 2009 to submit their pets for membership in his sherpspace blog.

Once you receive your, uh, that is, your pet’s invitation to blog, you’ll be able to send text, pics or even videos (see link at right: “Have Videos? Sherp can post them!”) to the sherpaboyG@aol.com

Bloggers can even post “Comments” to each other’s blogs (see, e.g., the comment below Chloe F’s. “by a nose” blog.)

I’ve also learned (with a little help from my web guy, Westcoast Willie) how to add photos galleries to blogs (see Louie’s “rescued…” post) and to even post videos (see the link, under Pages, called: Have Videos? Sherp can post them!)

If your pet is a friend of Sherp’s but wasn’t in the comic book, you should just contact Sherp or his mommy and daddy and ask to join the fun!

UPDATE NOTE: The criteria for joining may be liberalized in the near future. Check back periodically.
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