Sarge was rescued from shelter after his owner was deployed overseas

avatarI’ve enjoyed reading about all of Sherpa’s friends, but I must add a serious note.

My name is Sarge, and I’m a military man.

I was adopted by Linda and Izzy from the Marine Base at 29 Palms in Southern California. I was one of many dogs who had to be given up when the soldiers who owned us were called to go to Iraq and Afghanistan.

I do think I was the only German Shepherd/Basset Hound. (Can anyone top that?)

Anyway, I just want to remind everyone that there are more like me at military bases around the country. The military used to try to find foster homes for dogs like me; but it became too difficult because the soldiers ended up in so many places. So, now, we are put in local shelters along with other homeless dogs and hope someone will adopt us.

I’ve been lucky. There are about 28 palms (I’m sure I’ll find a 29th if I try) on the street where I live, and I get to share most things with Izzy, who is some kind of big black and white shepherd, terrier, border collie beautiful girl.

Glad to be part of Sherpa’s site. Happy Veteran’s Day.

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