Little Puppy, Big World


Dear Sherp,

My name is Leela, and I’m Chloe F.’s cousin. I live in West Hollywood, where my hobbies include pooping under the new Christmas tree and being suspicious of the neighborhood dogs.

When my person (Jessica) first adopted me, I had it pretty good. She was a student at UCLA, and between her and her three roommates, I was showered with love and attention 24/7! But now that we’ve graduated (Jessica with a degree in Art History; mine in Napping with a minor in Dachshund-American studies), I find myself spending far too much time alone.

So like any upstanding American parent, Jessica has me on a rigorous TV schedule. We’ve seen almost every episode of the Dog Whisperer, and have moved on to the glory that is PLC (Puppy Learning Channel). Right now my favorites are 18 Keeshounds and Counting, Say Yes to the Sad Begging Face, and I Didn’t Know I was Purebred.

But I hate Jon & Kate + 8. That Jon is just a piece of Shih Tzu, don’t you think?

Love love love,

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