I’m NOT vain! Just curious! (Really!)

avatarHello Sherpa!  And hello friends of Sherpa!

Virginia is still treating me well.  Fall down here is crisp and invigorating.  I enjoy going outside and experiencing the fall foliage firsthand, creeping through the leaves in Grandma Joanie’s backyard. Occasionally, I will find a mouse or mole to taunt in the garage. That’s fun.
Here are two pictures of me.  It seems that every time I come in contact with a mirror, I can’t help but look at my reflection.  That doesn’t exactly make me vain – just curious.  Who is the kitty in the mirror? It’s ME!
Hobbies still include watching my morning talk shows (I’ve added “The View” to my lineup) and taunting my black lab dog cousin Blackjack. Recently, however, I branched out, and have enjoyed watching live orchestra performances on PBS via my granddaddy’s flat screen TV.  Both the music and the conductor intrigue me.  My composer of choice is Beethoven.  Happy Holidays everyone!
Love, Honey

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