It’s only October and I’m already sucking up for Xmas presents!

avatarHow ya doing, How ya doing, How ya doing???? My name’s Casey and to tell you the truth, I am so busy looking for my tennis balls today I hardly have time to write, but mom (France) says it is a must and I have to improve my technical ability, and just when I thought tennis ball hunting WAS technical, after all those bushes, trees and brush I have to navigate…..

CHRISTMAS!! Its almost here, its almost here, its almost here, I do get so excited about Xmas, and just to show you, mom tied last years ribbons around me, I know I look silly, but the nicer I am, the bigger the bones that Santa leaves, so tie me up mom!! I will take all the laughs, ’cause, balls and bones, thats my business!! OK, thats enough, I have to RUN!! There is a rabbit in the backyard and I just know she wants my tennis balls, she has been stalking them for days…. XXXXXXXXX Casey

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