Shiian, a Shetland Sheep Dog who herds people, cats and a cockatiel!

avatarHi, Sherpa!

A word about myself: You can find me @ our estate in Newburgh, where I will be audibly most excited to see you!

I’m a herding dog (Shetland Sheep Dog) and am in charge of a household with 5 cats to keep in line as well as a cockatiel who needs protection. There are also 3 humans and when we go for walks I have to make sure they keep together. I also like to chase deers and turkeys, but once they’re off the property, I don’t chase them into the woods. I take my work very seriously, but when I’m just relaxing, I’m very, very sweet – – and also do many, many GOOD BOY THINGS – too numerous to mention here


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