avatarHi, Sherpa!

I’m a nearly seven-year old Chinese Pug born in May 2004 in Alabama and shipped to West Hollywood, CA where I was adopted in January 2005 by Dave.  I was named so as one of Dave’s then office suite mates received a visit from English singer-songwriter Robby Williams on the day I came into Dave’s life — hence the name Robby (although Dave sometimes calls me “Robbydog” or “Mr. Puggs.”)

I relocated along with Dave to Washington, DC’s Northwest District in the spring of 2010. I frequently visit the Adams Morgan and DuPont Circle Dog Parks, sometimes wearing my padded winter coat pictured here.

I’m much happier here in the East now that I have sidewalks on which to promenade and tree lined streets where I “own the trees.”

Unlike many children, I actually like Broccoli. I’m also sweet and spritely, love my walks, my bones, and my “squeaky” toys.  My favorite pastime is finding and removing the “squeakers” from my dog toys, proudly handing them over to Dave.

This year I saw snow for the first time and upon seeing the stuff — froze mid-step, not knowing whether to proceed into the possibly acid-like substance or to turn and run back into the building.

While I have visited NYC once and walked the Central and West Village neighborhoods with gusto, I have as of yet no exposure to Times Square or Broadway entertainment fare, ‘though I might go for a small production of “Pug-by-Pug by Sondheim”, or maybe a first-time stage appearance with Bernadette Peters together performing “Dog Bones from Heaven.”

(a.k.a., Robbydog or Mr. Puggs)

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